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Harnessing the creative spirit is about understanding our creative spirit can be harnessed in one of two ways. These two ways can be seen as lying at opposite ends of a spectrum. One way that "breaks" or kills the sprit and renders us creatively powerless. The other way is to channel the sprit in a way that allows for both accomplishing the desired task and yet allows for the growth and unfoldment of the creative spirit. Effectively harnessing the creative spirit is about limiting and curtailing the creative spirit to perform a specific task or function yet hold the creative spirit sacred so as to not rob the individual of their creative power.

The topic, "Harnessing the energy of the individual" provided a discussion on the source of our creative life energy and several ways we can harness the creative life energy of another. The focus here is harnessing the creative spirit in a way that allows for the growth unfoldment of the creative spirit.


What needs to be understood is that the passion we access to perform any task ultimately arises from an inner marriage or joining of the inner masculine and inner feminine. If this inner jointing is between a mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine the energy released is optimized. It is like a rocket with no way to control once it is ignited. It is not that the rocket is uncontrollable. Rather it is set on a predetermined path for which there is no way to override that control. When ignited, this rocket will take off and go in a very pointed predetermined direction based on the intention for our life. That is, to optimize the passion to act in the world is to be in full alignment with the intention for our life and our reason for being in life.

One of the major issues in aligning with the intention for our life is that the direction in which we travels is not necessarily seen by many as going in a direction that will serve anyone. That is, the intention for our life may require us to travel a left hand path relative to our society. The left hand path is not a rebellious path. Rather it is a path that is just different much like the difference between the right and left hand. The each can perform the same function but in a slightly different way.

However, it needs to be noted is that the energy the inner feminine gives to a creation can be used by others. In the same way a horse, ox or human can be harness to direct the animals life energy into a task, the energy supplied by the inner feminine can be similar harness by another. The inner masculine is what directs this energy into the intention for our life by acting on our own truth. To get control of this energy and this energy available to any other task, the inner masculine needs to somehow be removed from the picture. The normal way to remove the inner masculine is through the decisions made by the current mind based on what the current mind thinks and believes.

Often the main goal of the external authority is to get the passion and offspring available from this inner marriage harnessed to do its bidding. Or, the external authority will find some way to castrate the inner masculine so that the individual follows the will of the authority and simply follow orders. Without the proper focus, the energy released from this inner marriage can be extremely difficult to harness. More often than not, rather than creating the space for the focusing of the inner marriage of the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine and allowing our gift to freely unfold and achieve a desired task, a space is created by authorities to essentially castrate the inner masculine so the energy of the inner feminine can be harness in the manner desired.

What needs to be realized is that we, as every other individual, have a free will. It will ultimately be up to us to choose how this inner masculine and inner feminine are free or not free to unfold as a result of the choices we make. However it does need to be noted that our nonconscious and enculturated programming have a tremendous influence on how these to aspects will, or will, not freely unfold. It can be said, much if not all, of our enculturated programming is specifically directed toward harnessing both the inner masculine and inner feminine in a particular way if not castrating the inner masculine. When the inner masculine is castrated, it cannot protect the inner feminine and create a safe space for it express itself. That, in turn, makes it very vulnerable to being used and harness by the outside world.

Motivation and motivating individuals is a shallow attempt to access and harness this creative spirit for an organization. To truly harness this creative spirit we need to have the desire to act that comes from within the individual align with what the organization desires. Typical motivation approaches and techniques are from the mind and more associated with the old "carrot and stick" approach. That is we hang a carrot on a stick in the face of our beast of burden so the animal pulls our cart trying to get the carrot. Harnessing the creative spirit is about causing a passion to arise from within the individual at act and an inner satisfaction and not so much based on external rewards. When the individual operates from an internal guidance, there is no need for external guidance. It knows where to go and follows that path until that internal guidance is changed.

Harnessing the creative spirit

Harnessing the creative spirit in a way that does not damage the creative spirit needs an individual who somewhat understands how this creative spirit works or at least is aware of its existence and how it impacts an individuals performance in the world both in their personal life and work life. In understanding this creative spirit the individual or one who oversees the performance of the individual can look to see to align the desires of this creative spirit and the task at hand.

One particular implication of looking to align the creative spirit with the task at had is that some individuals are simply not suited for certain types and kinds of tasks. One can always temporarily suppress the desires of the creative spirit to perform a task. The mundane task of the world often require us to do this. The answer of course is to learn to walk in balance between giving to the creative spirit and the needs and wants of the mind and the needs of the mundane world.

However, even walking in balance and giving one’s life to a job that is continually suppressing the their creative spirit will take it toll. It can take it toll in two ways. One way is that a part of our being dies in non use similar to way muscles atrophy when they are not used. The other way is the individual begins to experience accident, illness, diseases, challenges in life and the like to cause the creative spirit to become more active. In some ways it can be said when the creative spirit is unable to consciously create what it incarnated to create as reflected in the intention for our life, it fights what our current mind wants to get its attention and redirect the current mind to get more in line with the intention for it life. It is not uncommon in hindsight that individual reflect how much more satisfying life may become after being push by a non desired experience into a different path in life.

There are several approach which can be used to understand how to align the individual’s creative spirit with the task at hand. One approach is for the individual to learn about their creative spirit and what is it desires to create in life. Then, realizing that life requires a dance between the heart and the mind and doing what the creative spirit desires to do and what the mundane of the world requires take responsibility to find a way of being in the world where and effective dance is performed. That is, the needs of the mundane world are met and the creative spirit is about to grow and unfold within the dance.

The second way to align the creative spirit and the task at had is for the individual asking another individual to perform a task to look to see if the individuals creative spirit and the task align. This sounds difficult. However, one only needs to look at the passion and enthusiasm one has for what they do to know if an individual is in some way align with what their creative spirit desires to experience.

The creative spirit is not stupid, nor set in its ways, nor it is narrow minded. Only in rare situations does the creative spirit look to have very precise particular experiences. Usually the creative spirit can be satisfied in a broad range of similar experiences. Sometimes the environment is more important than what is done. Sometimes what is done is more important than the environment. Sometimes it is both. One only needs to look at the overall "average" of how much enthusiasm an individual has for life to know if they are living and effective dance between the mind and the heart.

There is a belief that we can compartmentize ourselves and separate our personal life from and work life. Up to a point that is true. But, ultimately, both spill over into each other. The manager is not responsible for the individuals personal life. However, if they expect good performance from the individual, it is a concern for which they need to become aware. Give the type and kind of job the individual is performing, it may become necessary to reassign the individual until they reestablish and enthusiasm for what is being done. In cases where the job itself is affecting the individual’s enthusiasm for life it may be appropriate to assist the individual in finding a different job within our outside the organization.

The creative leader looks to learn to harness the creative spirit in a way that it flourishes and grows and does not becomes stifled and stilted. We need to remember, we cannot give what we do not have. If we do not learn to nurture our own creative spirit we will be unable to nurture the creative spirit within others. Hence the work to transform the organization especially at its heart starts with us and those who are going to guide and manage the transformation. As we begin to learn to nurture the creative spirit within us and those under our leadership we will begin to see "Am I doing the right things?" will become more important than "Am I doing things right?" This is very important. It is here in the difference in these two statements which allows us to bring a new creation into existence. We can not be bound by what we think is correct for mind only knows the past. Rather we will do what the creation needs to grow and unfold. Effectiveness is our measure of truth. We look to see how effective we are at accomplishing what we desire and simultaneously nourish the creative spirit of all those involved in the activity. Orchestrating the Organization is one approach that can be used to effectively harness the creative spirit to nurture it unfoldment and meet organizational goals and objectives.

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