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Background on the source of our energy to act

It has been observed in the exploration of creativity in the workplace and the subsequent deeper journey of the exploration of our inherent creativity, within each of is what can best be described as a creative spirit. This creative spirit is the source of our energy and passion to engage life and act in the world. It is similar but not quite like the traditional concept of sprit discussed in spiritual, religious or mystical traditions. This creative spirit can be experienced as either a spirit with a mind and intention of its own where we experience an inner knowing or awareness or it can be experienced as a flow of energy experienced as a deep feeling knowing what we need to do in life to be fulfilled.

The more our creative spirit is free to unfold true to itself the greater passion and energy there is to engage life. The more it is thwarted, restricted or limited in its unfoldment the less energy and passion an individual has to engage life. If there is little passion to do anything chances are the creative spirit of the individual is not engaged, or not fully engaged, in what it is being asked to do. Additionally this creative spirit can be experience as being aware and awake with a deep attention to the details of the experience we have and a deep engagement in the experience. Or it can be experienced as unaware if not asleep where there is little attention to details and the individual will seem as thought their mind is somewhere else and there is a detachment from what is being done.

This creative spirit has two aspects which can be called our inner masculine and inner feminine. How this inner masculine and inner feminine do, or do not, interact within us determines the amount of energy and passion to engage life and perform whatever task is at hand.

The inner masculine is about thrusting out into the world. It is that aspect of our creative spirit which determines or chooses how we become excited to thrust out in any given direction or aspect of life. This ability is independent of our current mind in that it has no relationship to what we think and believe. On this point, there are things we do in life which cause us to have a feeling of fulfillment, expansion, fullness of being or the like. These activities are related to the truth of our being and the truth of our inner masculine and who and what we are. The more we do in life which align with these inner feeling or move us to have these inner feeling, the greater satisfaction we have in life and the greater the passion to do what we are doing. The less we have these feelings in what we do in life, the less fulfillment we find in life and actually can become depressed, frustrated and annoy if not detached and removed from what we do.

Since the inner masculine is related to a choice we make it becomes closely associated with, if not confused with, our current mind and what we come to believe based on the experiences we have had in life and what we have been taught to think and believe. The main way to distinguish between the inner masculine and the current mind is whether what we do gives us the inner feeling of fullness of being, expansion and whether or not what we do is based on the past. The inner masculine is based on choosing to move in the direction of a particular type and kind of feeling and that feeling is independent of the past and is of the present moment often called "the now." Mind only knows the past.

A choice based by mind is one based on the past experiences we have had or what we have been taught to think and believe. The inner masculine and mind can be in alignment but more often than not, they are different if not opposed. A choice made exclusively without the support of the inner masculine gives little or no inner satisfaction. However, a choice made by mind with the support of the inner masculine will provide an inner satisfaction and inner comfort no matter what the result maybe externally even if we have an experience of pain or some discomfort.

The inner feminine is that aspect of our creative spirit what nurture or continues to supply the energy and passion for what we do. The burden of the creative effort falls to the feminine aspect of creation/Creation. In many ways any creative endeavor, including creating any experience in life, is much like conception and procreation. The masculine aspects thrusts to create a seed condition which happens relatively quickly. The seed is then nourished and supported by the feminine for the duration of its growth and unfoldment in creative process until the child is birthed. In this regard, the inner masculine makes the choice as to what will be experienced. It then falls to the inner feminine to nurture that experience and bring it into fulfillment for the duration of the experience.

Here an important aside needs to be made. Whether it is believed or not, there was a choice made by a masculine aspect for our creative spirit to have an experience of being a human being in Physical Creation. Who we may believe that masculine aspect is such a God, our Higher Self or our creative spirit, doesnít really matter relative to our creative power and the creative power we can access. The important understanding is that there was a choice, which is called in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding the intention for our life, made by some masculine aspect to be here in life as a human being and it is our inner feminine that is financing and nurturing that life.

It needs to be understood, creative power lies in feeling and it is the inner feminine aspect of our being which ultimately controls all our creative power. The inner masculine or the mind may direct our creative power. But it is the feminine which allows the energy to flow which gives rise to our creative power to nurture the desired creation.

The feminine aspect of creation is about nourishment. It is the feminine which nourishes and supplies the needs of a creation. The feminine is associated with love for correct love is to nourish the true needs of a creation and not what mind wants to give a creation.

Our creative spirit has needs. When the needs of our creative spirit are met, we feel satisfied, loved and comfort in, and with life, even if our life is hard and there is pain and suffering. When the needs of our creative spirit are met we have the passion and energy to engage in life. How and what we engage is a choice by our inner masculine or our current mind. But, the energy and passion to engage comes from our inner feminine. When our needs are not met, we feel unfulfilled and a dissatisfaction within and do not have the energy and passion to act. We may act out of need and necessity but there is no spark, enthusiasm and desire to do what we are being asked to do.

In some ways we can see a dance or an ebb and flow. There is a thrust outward followed by a fulfillment inward. If we are free to thrust outward to do what our inner masculine desires to do in alignment with our truth, we feel fullness, inner satisfaction and the like. When what we thrust out to do fulfills the needs of our inner feminine we feel satisfaction, fullness and fulfillment in remaining engaged in what we do. If our true needs are not being met what we do is not fulfilling. However, we can continue to act out of obligation and the control of our mind rather than the natural flow of our creative life energy. In continuing to act in an activity that is not fulfilling we rob ourselves of our creative power because our true needs are not being met. In time we no longer have the ability to act for we drain away our passion and energy.

Here it needs to be noted we know a true needs is being met in what we do because we fill the growth and expansion of our being. It is much like any life form. When its needs are met there is a grow, expansion and health. When are an infinitely creative being and under the correct conditions we can experience the infinity of our being to know the truth of this statement. When our true needs are being met in what we do we feel the expansion, growth and an inner fulfillment and fullness of being. This point is the key to effectively harnessing the creative life energy/creative spirit of any individual.

Ways to harnessing the energy of an individual

The key to harnessing the energy of an individual is to understand three points.

One is there is a energy within us that allows us to live life. We all have it. The question is how do we tap into it and do we do things in life that allows us to have a great passion and enthusiasm to act or we do so because we need to act to survive. Although it may be hard for some to accept, there is an intention for our life, the more we align with this intention for our life the more passion and enthusiasm we have for life. The more we are not in alignment with the intention for our life the less passion and enthusiasm we will have for life and we even experience pain of some type that can cause us to develop an addiction, including thinking, to numb and/or suppress the pain.

The second point is we have an inner masculine that directs our passion and the flow of energy within our being. The inner masculine makes its decisions in favor of our truth and that which gives a particular type and kind of feeling of fullness, expansion, fulfillment and the like. However, the inner masculine can be suppressed by the mind and what mind has come to think and believe and/or programmed to believe as to what we need to be doing in, and with, our life. The more we shut down our ability to feel because of how the expression of our creative spirit becomes thwarted in life and/or a result of the pain and trauma of life, the less we choose in favor of our inner masculine and the more we rely on mind to protect us. In time, we place our creative spirit in a cage of our own making. We seek to protect our creative spirit but in not learning how to response to life in a freeing and expansive way ultimately toward the infinity of our being, we place our creative spirit in a cage or a box. This is the box that is proverbially referenced in the expression, "get out of the box" to have the creative inspiration we need to address the problem we face.

The third point is that it is the feminine aspect of our being that nurtures and supplies the energy for all our activities in life and all our creative endeavors. If our true needs are not met, she will not be able to have the energy to finance what we desire to do in life, if not need to do in life. Here again, when true needs are meet there is growth, expansion and health. When true needs are not met there is stagnation, shrinkage, lack of health and frequently an inner pain and/or unfilled hunger.

It is these three points which allow us to harness the energy of any individual and each has an impact on the individualsí life and what we desire to accomplish.

Castration of the inner masculine: Castration of the inner masculine is to some how consciously or nonconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, suppress the awareness of the inner masculine and remove it potency and its ability to create much they one would castrate a bull to make a steer. The normal ways this is done is one of two ways. One way is to create pain at some level of being whenever the individual tries to live their truth. Usually it is only a matter of time they learn to not do what they feel is correct and follow the programming that has been given to them. The other way is to provide beliefs and/or ways of thinking, enticements and/or pleasures, ideas of success in this life or after life, rewards and the like that cause the individual to not follow their own truth. Here the goal is to render the individual creatively docile such that they only "follow orders" and have little or no interest and desire to be creative in the area of their castration. Often the castration is around social and/or spiritual norms to "keep the individuals in line" with a particular perspective, teaching or belief.

It does need to be noted that a castrated inner masculine can be resurrected to full creative potent. It is it is about what has been traditionally called a soul retrieval which involves calling back our creative power in some way. Resurrection is accomplished by opening the individual to feeling and becoming aware of what activities provide the feeling of the fullness of being, expansion, fullness of life and the like. Of course, the individual will have to deal with the pain and/or programming that was originally used to intentionally or unintentionally castrate their inner masculine.

Any program accompanied by punishment or the threat of punishment whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual punishment, in ultimately directed at attempting to creatively castrate the inner masculine.

Have mind suppress the inner masculine: A second way to harness the energy of an individual is to provide programming, beliefs and the like, usually accompanied by pleasurable rewards or the promise of pleasurable reward, to override one's own truth. Here the inner masculine is not castrated or even suppressed. Rather it is just to provide mind with a powerful enticement that it can override the inner masculine or discard what it is feelings. Physical pleasures and/or rewards of an "afterlife" of some type can be strong enticements. Here it needs to be noted the "afterlife" is not necessarily about physical death. Rather it is about life after the current situation. Afterlife enticements can be the retirement package or separation bonus a company offers or it can be simply the promise of an ice cream cone for good behavior or good performance of an activity. Motivational programs, incentive programs and the like tend to fall into this category. Anything that is used to get the mind to override what serves the inner needs fall into this category.

Recovering the inner masculine in these cases requires us to become aware of what truly serves our being at every level of being - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically - and to change our belief structure and way of thinking to remove the misleading and overriding thinking patterns and beliefs.

Aligning the inner masculine and the desired activity: A third way to harness the energy of an individual is to find activities which align with the desires of the inner masculine and the truth of the individual. Here one simply looks to get the individual to work on activities that align with giving the individual some feeling of a fullness of being, expansion, inner satisfaction, and the like. Or, at a deeper level, have the individual engage in activities that align with the intention for their life.

Here the issue is optimization. The more the activities aligns with the intention for the individualís life, the greater the energy which can be accessed. Here the issue is that what the individual incarnated to do may change with life. Some individual may have great satisfaction doing the same thing for thirty years. Other may find they need to change what they do every few years. There may come a point in time that although what was/is being done aligned/aligns fully with the intention for an individualís life, that intention shifts. When this happens the individual is longer interested in doing what was being done. To continue what they were doing now becomes an obligation or mind overriding the inner truth. This in turn can cause pain to arise and the individual may be lead to suppress the pain rather than allowing themselves the freedom to change what they do.

Here the issue is to continually to check in to see if what is being continues to give a feeling of fullness of being, expansion, fullness for life and the like. Sometimes the issue is not going and doing something else as much as it is taking a break from what is being done. Orchestrating the Organization is one approach to effectively harness the creative spirit to nurture it unfoldment and meet organizational goals and objectives.

Bribing the inner feminine: The fourth way to harness the energy of an individual is to bribe the inner feminine. That is, it is to create a way to meet the true needs of the individual and their inner feminine such that they become excited as to what one is being asked to do. This method of course can be used in a way which serves the individual and/or society or harm the individual and/or society. The simplest example is to provide food for an individual and then put the individual on a task that fulfills their inner passion. The individual has their physical needs met and they are happy because they are doing what they love to do. But, of course, what are they being asked to do? Does it ultimately server them and the unfoldment of their creative spirit or does it ultimately harm them in some way. Here we just need to remember that there spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. The fact that the needs of one aspect of being are met does not mean the others met. When one is desperate for a job to make money, one should not be surprised that after awhile the individual becomes disillusioned and depressed in that they have money to put food on the table but are totally unfulfilled in other aspects and areas of life.

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