Individual and organizational uniqueness 

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In looking any organizational change, transformation, reengineering, restructuring or some type of creative endeavor, it needs to be realized every organization is different as are each of the member of the organization and we need to account for the uniqueness. The impact of the uniqueness of the organization and each of its members can be quite profound relative to what one desires to create.

Exactly what this uniqueness means depends on what one is attempting to accomplish. But, the key point here is that any generic approach or solution will work only in part and we need to be prepared for those areas where the generic solution does not work. Otherwise, we will be laying the seeds of some type and kind of organizational disfunction if not an accident at a later time.

We all make assumption about the problem we face and any solution we apply to a problem has embedded assumptions. More often than not it is in our assumptions we find our problems. The more our assumptions reflect the truth of what is, the less difficulties we will face. The less our assumptions reflect the truth of what is the greater the problems we will face. One assumption that most individuals make is we assume we know how individuals will response to the changes we propose. We expect a certain amount of resistance and the like but we feel we know how the people will response and we assume we know how the organization will be impacted by what we do. Sometimes we are right but often we are wrong.

In any organizational change it is not uncommon to look to the lessons learned of others or seek the advice of consultants and the like. However, whatever advice we desire to use we need to eat and digest that advice the way we eat and digest food. We need to take what works for us, is applicable to our situation to nourish us and discard the remainder. One should never whole heartedly and blindly accept what one reads, is told or is advised to do. There will be the need to do our own experiments to see what does and doesn’t work.

Many organizations want to make changes as quickly as possible. They adopt ways of doing business that just do not work or they do not work as expected. Unless the organization is willing to take some time and do some experiments to see what works best they will pay the price later in false stars and/or rework. The use of a visionary leader, one who has gone through a true creative endeavor, can help guide the organization no so much to tell them what to do but rather how to go about doing the experiment to address the uniqueness of the organization and its individuals.

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