The intention we hold 

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In the relationship of energy and consciousness, how we focus our attention and awareness in what we think and believe causes our creative life energy to flow into an experience of that focus as it can be supported by the environment in which we can find ourselves. In this regard, whether we realize it or not, the intention we hold is what ultimately creates the experiences we have. An intention is just a desire upon which we act based on how and what we think and believe.

Any intention is a focus of our attention and awareness and creates a flow of energy. The flow of energy will continue for as long as the intention is held and the energy dissipated in the desired experience. It needs to be noted that deeply held intentions will carry us long past their fulfillment or change in our thinking. It is much like momentum in physics and habits of the mind. Any intention we hold creates a flow of energy. That flow of energy will remain unchanged unless acted upon till it flow to dissipation. The longer, deeper and more passionately we hold an intention, the greater the flow to dissipate. Additionally we often create a mental habit that goes with it that flow which continues to feed the flow of energy. We then wonder why we pull certain types and kinds of experiences into our lives seemingly not knowing from where they come.

We can have both conscious and nonconscious intentions. Most are probably aware of the conscious intention or at least understand conscious intention whether or not we call it an intention. Many of our "I wants" are intentions that we act upon. However, we also have nonconscious intentions. These nonconscious intentions are often a result of programming received about how we need to live our life and/or what success in life looks like and there is of course, the intention for our life and our reason for being here in Physical Creation. If we were not subject to programming and conditions most would only have the intention for our life as the  undercurrent for their life.

The greater the clarity of our intention the greater the power in our intention. Depending on how we set the intention and whether or not we create or have a memory to catalyze the desire to manifest our intention the creative power available in our intention can be greatly amplified. However, most of us do not have clarity of intention. Most hold a composite intention composed of many conscious and nonconscious intentions many of which conflict with each other in some way. In this regard, most of us never see the true power of intention in our lives. As a minimum there is an intention for our life that is the source of our creative power and few are aware of its existence let alone being taught how to access and follow that intention.

To increase, if not optimize the power of intention in our lives, it is necessary to pull the string on any intention we may have to look at what exactly are we seeking and why. Additionally, if we pull the string on what experiences allows us to feel alive and feel a passion for life, we will begin to get a clarity as to what exactly we desire to experience in life. That clarity gives us tremendous power to create a life worth living and serve us at all levels of our being.

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