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The approach used within Organizational Creativity and Orchestrating the Organization for any particular problem the organization may face will always look to find and/or create "the keeper of the flame." The keeper of the flame serves two roles. They may be combined or separate. It all depends on what the individuals understand and are capable of handling.

One role is quite simple. The keeper of the flame acts as a focal point and holds the individual or organization accountable to what they desire to create. The mundane of the world has a way of distracting any individual and breaking the concentration and focus of any creative endeavor. The keeper of the flame has a sufficient desire and passion to continue to keep focused no matter what occurs. They continually bring the attention of the individual or organization back to what they need to be doing to create what is desired. In this role the keeper of the flame is not the individual actually acting to manifest the desired creation. Rather they hold another or others accountable to what they need to be doing. Part of the role of the rainmaker is to function as this keeper of the flame

The second role may be fulfilled in an individual or a group of individuals who act as a seed from which any part, or the entire organization, can grow. In some ways the keeper of the flame act as the stem cells in the embryo. In the right environment the stem cells will grow whatever is necessary for the organism. So too the keeper of the flame. They will cause to grow whatever is necessary for the organization. Here the keeper of the flame, whether an individual or group of individuals, actively partake in someway in creating what is desired.

It is to be noted here the word "grow" is used. The group will not necessarily manage, build, reengineer or do anything that resembles making it all happen the way one normally sees things being built. Rather their efforts will cause the organization to literally grow and evolved into what it needs. It is more like placing stems cells in a particular environment and allowing the cells to grow, multiplying and dividing and growing what is necessary. It appears slower than traditional techniques but in the long run it is faster, longer lasting and more effective whose roots go to the depth of the organization itself.

The keeper of the flame, whether an individual or group of individuals, is capable of providing the creative insights to guide an organization in whatever it is the organization needs to do. In this regard, they are keepers of the flame, that creative passion that fuels any creative effort. As such, they become a guiding light for the organization guiding it though unknown and uncharted waters. The organization may still hire consultants or individuals with specialized talents or even a supplemental workforce but nevertheless, the keeper of the flame will integrate these efforts into the organizational vision.

The keeper of the flame, individually or as a group, is a master of their own life or they are actively working to gain that mastery. The are aligned with their life path and their life path is in fully alignment with the organization and the organizational intention. In many ways, the two, the intention for the individual's life and the organizational intention, are one.

Now an important note needs to be made here. The keeper of the flame is not operating from the mind and what mind thinks it wants to create. The individual who charters or creates the organization is almost always not the keeper of the flame. What needs to be realized is there is the need for a tremendous ego to create anything. The greater the creation, the greater the ego. The ego operates from mind, not the heart. It is very difficult for the ego that has had to endure all that is required to create a creation to destroy itself and surrender to the flow of the creation itself.

It needs to be remembered, creation occurs between a masculine and feminine tension also known as the creative tension. The ego is the masculine and it is needed to create the safe and secure space for the feminine to birth, nurture and grow the creation. What is more normal than the ego that created the organization surrendering to the creation, is that there is an individual or individuals whose lifeís intention aligns with the in organization such that they can surrender to the intention and much like a mother, is able to birth, nourish and grow the creation. The keeper of the flame is that feminine nurturing presence in the organization that allows the desired creation to grow. Unless these two roles are recognized and the feminine is allowed to lead the process, the organization development as an entity in the world will be retarded in its unfoldment. That does not mean the organization will not be successful. It just means the organization will be less that it is capable of becoming.

The keeper of the flame will be an individual or individual whose life intention fully aligns with the intention for the organization. However it was said the keeper of the flame is someone who has mastered themselves or is working to gain such mastery. As js said under the topic of the intention for one's life, the external focus of that intention may change. Hence it can be expected the keeper of the flame is not a permanent individual. In fact, we should expect the keeper of the flame to know when they must move on. However, one task they will always be doing is looking for their replacements. They will always be creating the space for others to find the intention for their life and be on the look out for that one or two individualís who intention aligns with the intention of the organization. Here gain, this is not an alignment based on what mind thinks. It is based on the awareness which lies in feeling.

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