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As a manager, prior to undertaking the journey of exploration of creativity in the workplace, the author once got into an argument what his supervisor over the topic of the organizationís most valuable asset. At the time, the author reasoned that without its people an organization is nothing. The reason was quite simply. People lie the heart of any organization. Without its people to maintain the equipment, even the most sophisticated and powerful machinery would cease to function. Without it people doing the day to day operations, the organization would cease to function.

Of course, many would not believe people are an organizations most valuable asset given the way many organizations treat their people and through out history, many organization considered their employees expendable. Many still believe the employees need to do what they are told and receive a pay check for what they do. Employees are not to challenge or question the judgment of management. Some organizations still donít provide adequate safety and health to their employees and many others only do so because of the government regulations and their enforcement.

At one level it is perfectly correct that its people are the organizationís most valuable asset. However, as a result of the journey of exploration of creativity in the workplace, the author came to understand there is a deeper more profound and powerful asset. That assent is the creative spirit which lies within each individual is the organizations most valuable asset for it is what supplies the energy for each individual to function. Without it, there is no energy to do anything

Although this creative spirit is always accessible to some degree for it is what gives us life and sustains our life, it is not always available to energize us into actions other than survival. As a result of the experiences it has had and the ways its free expression has been thwarted in life, sometimes there is little to no passion to do certain things. Often people take employment to make money and survive. In these case the creative spirit provides little energy and only a sufficient amount to "survive" in the workplace. Often this is satisfactory for the type and kind of work the individual is being asked to perform.

However, if the workplace needs the individual to be attentive and energize to response to changing demands and/or needs creative solutions, this creative spirit must be engage and it must be nurtured. This creative spirit will become very active if the individuals survival is threaten. However, normally that is not the level of action that is needed for it is very reactive. Rather, a proactive creativity is needed and this is only obtain with a nurtured creative spirit. To have a proactive creative spirit one must learn to effectively harness the creative spirit in a way that it is nurtured.

To properly nurture and harness the creative spirit it needs to be called forth in a way that allows it to grow and unfold rather than being force to withdrawal. The individual should feel and expansion and fullness within their being in what they do. Although such feelings cannot be obtained in every task that is performed in life or in the workplace, on the average it needs to feel more expansion and fullness than shrinking and collapses. If there is a continual shrinking and collapse it is only a matter time before the individual is faced with depression, frustration, anger, illness or the like.

Form an organizational perspective, the goal is to have enthusiastic and energetic employees so that each task can be accomplished in a cost effective, error free manor. Such performance is obtained when the creative spirit is nurtured whether the nurturing occurs inside or outside the workplace.

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