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Motivation is seen as having the incentive and energy to act in some way. In the discussion on creativity it is stated that our creative spirit proves a creative passion which is the passion and energy to act to create what we desire. The question that can be asked is, "What is the relationship between motivation and this creative passion?"

From the creativity perspective, motivation and creative passion are the same if and when the we are out of mind and we are able to fully surrender to our creative passion and what our creative spirit desires to create. Creativity is about becoming passionate in what we do. Or, alternatively said, what we do arises from our creative passion.

Motivation as it is typically used is about making an individual passionate about a particular job, task or even an organization not necessarily associated with what the creative spirit desires to create. In this regard, motivation is more about the mind desiring what mind wants. By influencing our current mind with appropriate programming through particular ideas of what success means in life, a motivation can be created to act a certain way. This is the whole intent of advertisement and incentives. Advertisement seeks to motivate individuals to buy certain products and/or act a certain way. Incentives seek to motive individuals to act or perform a certain way or produce particular types and kinds of results. However, both motive from the mind and not the heart.

When a individual act from their creative passion, they have all the motivation they need. There is no need to create incentives, inspire the individual or the like. They act because they have the passion to act and that passion comes from their own internal desires. The greatest motivation an individual can have is when the individual is free to fully align with and follow their creative passion.

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