Organizational Creativity is a complementary approach to any existing organization

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In the exploration of creativity in the workplace, one conclusion that was made was that any reasonable management approach will work if management is consistent in the application of the approach and the expectation of the employees. The individualís in the organization need to know and understand what is expected of them and then those expectations consistently applied to all.

In this realization the approach used in Organizational Creativity does not endorse any particular management approach. Rather it seeks to work with the existing approach to address the creativity needs and only change what is necessary. In this regard, Organizational Creativity looks to be a complementary approach to any organizational approach for any organization.

Organizational Creativity is applicable to any organization for people lie at the heart of any organization and the creative spirit lies at the heart of the individual. Organization Creativity is about bringing management awareness to the existence of the creative spirit and its impacts on the organization. Since people lie at the heart of any organization, organizational creativity is applicable to any organization. The question is how to get the existing organizational structure to support the unfoldment of a new creation which depends on the free unfoldment of the creative spirit carrying the vision one is seeking to manifest in and/or through the organization.

Here again, as in any creative endeavor, the mind only knows the past and the mind or minds which created the existing organizational structure for whatever reason is not the mind that will address the necessary organizational changes for a new creation. What need to be realized is for any creation the creation and its environment are connected. The organizational environment is the environment which will support the unfoldment of the creation or stifle or kill the creation.

The question is what exactly needs to change within the organization to support the desired creation. Unfortunately, this question cannot be addressed unless the particulars about the desired creation and the particulars of the organization are known. It is for this reason the two topics "Transforming the Organization" and "Transforming the Heart of the Organization" were created. Each lies at opposite ends of a spectrum for the type and kind of organization that is desired and how active a role the organization takes in creating the space for nurturing the creative spirit of it employees.

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