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Although the primary focus of Organizational Creativity is about effectively harnessing the creative spirit of individuals in the workplace, many of the insights in organizational creativity arose from a synthesis observations of a variety of organizations over the life time of the author. That is, many organizational observations did not make sense until they were filtered through the perspective of how the creative spirit within the individual was, or was not, being effectively harnessed. Some of the observation went back as early as age ten as to how organizations were functioning. It was the variety of organizations that were observed that allowed to author to see how common were the problems each organization face. Few issues were really technical and required technical innovation. Usually the problems requires a proper understanding of the root cause as to why individuals were unable to be successful in what they were attempting to accomplish. That root cause was often related to the lack of free unfoldment of the individualís creative spirit in some way in how the individual was unable to creatively respond to the situation at hand.

What became clear over time is there were three things that gave the author an opportunity to observe a variety of organizations. One was that the author was a "start up" person who gravitated to organizations or organizational components that were we either starting up or being reengineered or restructured. The second was the variety or positions that put the author in a position of oversight of organizations and the need to review how they were structured to implement certain programs or changes. The third was the authors primary learning style is to watch, observe and look at both the interconnectedness of what is observed and the cause effect chain  giving rise to what is observed. The summary of the authorsí profession experience is found in the topic, "Employment Experience and Highlights," complemented by the topic, "Overview - Professional Path."

What became obvious in hind sight after the realization of the creative spirit was that there was a general lack of awareness as to the existence of the creative spirit and what the creative spirit really means for an individual and for an organization. Many of the issue the author saw in the variety of organizations was the lack of its awareness. Hence the basis for writing the information on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity family of web sites on our creative spirit, our unlimited creativity, Organizational Creativity and other creativity topics.

It was clear traditional organizational design and existing theories and philosophies of organizational dynamics were effective. However, it was in the myriad of accident reviews, the subsequent incorporation of the standards and regulations that changed because of those accidents, and looking for accident precursors in organizations that the author began to see there was something missing in how organizations did business. What was missing only become apparent with the realization of the our creative spirit and what happens when it is not nourished within the individual.

Probable the single essential common observation across all organizations was the awareness of the need for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. All the organizations look to motivate their individuals in some way. Yet none recognized from where this energy and passion to act actually came and what needed to be done to keep the energy and passion alive. Organizations could keep the energy and passion alive for some but more often than not, most individuals would lose passion and enthusiasm and seek more to survive and to do what need to be done just to survive. It was the awareness of the need to nourish the creative spirit which become the key to keeping the employees enthusiastic and passionate about the work they do.

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