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Exploring Organizational Creativity is about coming to know and understand the concepts and principles of Organizational Creativity both intellectually and experientially. If you simply desire to apply the results of Organizational Creativity without any exploration, assistance can also be accessed through the application topics "Transforming the Organization" and "Transforming the Heart of the Organization."

The following are some ways that have been used to explore the concept and principles of Organizational Creativity and apply them in the organization No one option is better than any other. Use what works for you and is effective for what you wish to experience.

To use any one of these paths, look at each as a creative endeavor and approach each as you would seek to create any experience in your life. That is, be prepared to step out of mind in some way and into the unknown.

The fundamental recommendation to begin your journey is to obtain clarity of intention as to what intend for pursuing Organizational Creativity. Pull the string as to exactly what you desire to create and why. Then set the intention to fulfill that objective. Ask your intuitive guidance as how to go about creating the experience. Honor what is provided by your intuitive guidance.

Possible methods of exploration

Seek to access and release your unlimited creativity then apply with you learn to the organization

Explore the creative spirit found within each of us and apply what you learn to the organization

Seek to create something seemingly impossible which is greater than your ego and for which you get little if any benefit. Apply the lessons learned to the organization

Use the accidents, incidents, operational events, illness and the like and pursue the root cause of each while also looking for an energetic or unseen cause. That is, realize their may be more than what is obvious that is causing what we face.

Look to become, or look to develop, visionary leaders.

Consider all the discussions provided on the topic of Organizational Creativity a mosaic. Read, eat and digest each of the topics and then stand back and ask yourself what is really being communicated about organizations and how to bring creativity into the organization. Then apply what you learn and serves what you desire to create.

Explore the concepts of the creative spirit and Orchestrating the Organization and look to orchestrate your organization much the way one would orchestrate the individual musicians in a orchestra.  

Utilize resources and options available through the topics, "Transforming the Organization" and "Transforming the Heart of the Organization."

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