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To lead any significant organizational change there needs to be individuals who are what can be called visionary leaders. That is, they are capable of accessing and holding a vision of a world/organization not yet manifested and have the knowledge of the creative process, discipline, strength of will, and passion to hold that vision through the entire creative process and simultaneous lead others into the manifestation of that vision. What is provided here overviews what is required for creating visionary leaders.

The visionary is both the "keeper of the flame" capable of holding focus through the entire creative process and one who can either lead the organization through the unknown to manifest the desired visions and/or create the space for creative spirit of members of the organization to freely unfold to manifest the desired vision.

Organizational Creativity is about coming to know and understand the concepts and principles governing the creative process which governs our creative endeavors and then being able to apply this understanding to the organization. To do this effectively in a cost efficient way, there is the need for an individual who has both the intellectual and experiential understanding of what is involved in a true creative endeavor and who to lead and guide the individual in an organization. These individuals can be called visionary leaders. That is, they are capable of accessing a vision and holding that vision as they lead the organization to bring that vision into manifestation. They are able to bridge the world as it is and the world that will be created by the vision.

Vision cannot be delegated. Nor can the manifestation of a vision. There need to for an individual who holds the vision for the duration of the process and understand what it means to hold the vision. They need to continually check to see that what is unfolding is true to the vision. As others become involved with the manifestation of a vision or the mundane of the world enters the manifestation, visions are usually compromised in some way. This is particular true about manifesting visions related to organizations and/or making money. It has been said some of the best parts of movies end up on the cutting room floor for a variety of reasons. The same can be said about any vision. The best parts of the vision become lost when we try and meet the needs of the world. Only a visionary leader who is there during the whole process is able to keep the manifestation true to the vision.

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